Photography is one of Raymond’s favorite hobbies, he has been involved in this hobby actively years ago with his D80 and several other side accessories. He takes different types of photos, from still life, scenery, events, lomography and etc.

Being a digital photographer, Adobe Lightroom 3 is his choice of digital photography workflow system. On top of that, Adobe Photoshop CS4 is another digital darkroom application of his choice.

Anemone in Underwater World


Off we go~~~

Off we go~~~

Khoo Kongsi @ HDR

Khoo Kongsi @ HDR

上海龙华古寺 - 奉花

上海龙华古寺 – 奉花

Perseverance - Motivational Poster #1


Double Happiness

Wedding Matrimony

Air Hangat a.k.a “Hot Stream”


Feel free to drop by his account on Flickr and give comments on photos that he has taken.