Steak with Onion Red Wine Sauce

Made this at home during the weekend, bought some strawberries and fresh onions for the cooking earlier the day, thus decided on this sauce. Too bad I’ve frozen a fresh piece of steak, and thus… Continue reading

Folsom Prison Blues

“I hear the train a comin’ It’s rollin’ ’round the bend, And I ain’t seen the sunshine, Since, I don’t know when, I’m stuck in Folsom Prison, And time keeps draggin’ on, But… Continue reading

French Toast Set Breakfast

Whole Wheat French Toast for the day 🙂 Never left the breakfast without a cup of coffee.

Old Sac Photo Walk

A sudden decision to go downtown to Old Sacremento for a walk, considering I’ve been in Folsom for almost 2 months, and I haven’t really set foot in the downtown is kinda embarrassing. LOL It… Continue reading

Stir-fry Pork with Bell Peppers

One of my fav veggies/fruits – Bell Peppers 🙂 Served with egg fried white rice leftover from dinner last night, reheating it in micro-wave oven doesn’t make it special, thus decided to fry… Continue reading

Breakfast time!!!

Simple breakfast and some additional Penne Rigate in pasta sauce. Of course, a cup of French Roast is not to be missed.  

Honey Garlic Chicken

Chicken marinated a day before, and baked in oven. Pan-seared with onion sauce before serving for extra flavor and a thin coat of seared chicken skin.  

Pan-seared Salmon Belly with Spaghetti

Salmon was marinated with lemon juice, salt and pepper over the night in fridge, 15min baked in oven over 350F and pan-seared with butter before serving. Served with spaghetti with tomatoes paste and… Continue reading

Seafood Fried Rice

Had some leftover rice from Sunday, thus decided to cook some fried rice. Some shrimps, crab meat and eggs were the ingredients.

California State Fair at Sacremento

State Fair, an annual event that everyone must go for the Summer. 🙂 I’m lucky to be at Folsom for the correct time to attend this year state fair. Games for everyone!!!  … Continue reading