Happy Chinese New Year 2016


恭喜发财, Gong Xi Fatt Chai – means Wishing You a Prosperous Year. An auspicious phrase that traditionally Chinese will wish each other during Chinese New Year.

This is the  Year of Fire Monkey, in Chinese culture, 火 (huo) – Fire carries the meaning of dynamism, strength and warmth. And monkey is an animal of agility and intelligent. Thus, which this the Year of Fire Monkey, most prediction are about dynamism and volatility. Especially in the world of politics and finance, we have the U.S. Presidential Election in the year and a rather volatile financial market with much ups and downs.

As a final note of this first post of the year 2016, I’m wishing everyone to have a wonderful year ahead as well as various opportunities that comes with such volatile affairs around us. As in an old saying in Mandarin Chinese, 危机危机,有危就有机. The literal translation in English will be “Crisis, Crisis, if there’s danger, there will be opportunity”. In Mandarin Chinese, Crisis is 危机 (wei-ji), and it’s a mashed up phrase of 2 characters, 危(wei) which means danger and 机(ji) which means opportunity. Thus, Chinese believe that opportunities and crisis always come together, and we would need to take this opportunity to come out from the crisis in a better shape.