Siem Reap Trip 2015 – Day 4

In the fourth day, our trip started a little bit later than usual, and we would travel little bit further than other days. We would travel to Tonle Sap Lake and its surrounding school and villages in the first half of the day.

Our guide, Mr Asean, is the driver of the day as well, and our trip is more than 1 hour, to reach the village which is by the side of Tonle Sap. This is a dry season, thus the road condition in off the main road is dusty, and what we observed along the villages are weird, with houses observed built high above the ground with elevated platforms. According to Asean, during rainy season, the water level will filled all the way up to the elevated platform, which on average is at least 10ft from the road. And the road we that were currently on, will be fully submerged during those season.

We parked our car nearby to a temple and an attached primary school, and kids were running around, and even trying to sell us some handmade souvenirs. We have to walked to the ticket office, which actually is a floating barge with roof. With the ticket purchase, we began the journey to the main water body of Tonle Sap Lake.

Speedboating by the locals

Local house built on elevated platform

The boat ride is about 30mins, to reach the main body of the lake.

View along the boat trip

During the trip, there’s a lot to be observed. The lake is their life source, their playground and they spend the whole life on it.

Drying clothes on floating house

Kids playing on the lake

The stopped at the middle of the lake for another 30mins, relaxing under the breeze of the lake, watching the locals fished, tourists passed by. After the Tonle Sap visit, we stopped by Mr Asean’s village and pay a visit to his mom and other relatives before stopping for lunch.

After lunch, we visited Beng Mealea. This is one of the temple that is kept from major restoration. There’s only 1 construction is going on to built a wooden platform as walk way for the tourists.

Main Gate of the Beng Mealea in ruins

Overgrowth can be seen everywhere

Panorama in Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea was the last attraction we visited in the 4th day. And throughout the day…something weird is happening to body of mine, small poxes started growing on my face and body. 😦

Here’s what on my hand