Siem Reap Trip 2015 – Day 3

We started off quite early in the 3rd day, after breakfast at the hotel, we met up with our driver and tour guide, and began travelling to Phnom Koulen National Park, about 1hr of drive from Siem Reap city center.

First destination of the day, is not other than the famous Kbal Spean, know as 1000 Lingas River by most people. To reach the site, visitors need to hike for 1.5km uphill.

Midpoint of the hike trail

It took about 30min to reach the historical site, along the way we stopped to look at various smaller sites with historical significance, including a shallow cave where a hermit used to stay and locals came to ask for guidance.

Lingas can be seen submerged under waterline

Linga or Lingam, that carries spiritual significance in Hinduism, and Kbal Spean is covered with it, done during the early of the Khmer Empire around 11th century. Besides the temple remnants / ruins, there’s a natural waterfall nearby.

Rainbow at the foot of the waterfall

We are lucky enough to see a rainbow formed under the foot of the waterfall.

After the hike down, we proceeded to the famous Banteay Srey, Citadel of the Women. This particular site is rediscovered in 1914, and famous for it elaborate delicate wall carvings. Furthermore, the buildings themselves are miniature in scale, unusual among the measurement of the Angkor sites.

Entrance to the main group

Gopura II of Banteay Srei

Sharpening Mark

We found these rather interesting curves on most of the structure, and we were told by our guide, these marks were due to the prolong usage of the area as sharpening stone by the locals over the years.

After visiting Banteay Srei, we stopped for lunch nearby. Finally, had the chance to tried the local delicacy – Fish Amok. It was pretty good, and the taste suits us very well. The next site to visit after lunch is Banteay Samre. This is one of the most well preserved due to the extensive restoration done.

Inner of Banteay Srey

Banteay Samre Main Temple

In the late afternoon, we went to the Rolous Group, consists of 3 different structures located nearby to each other, and built in the late 9th century. The three structures are Bakong Temple, Lolei Temple and Preah Ko.

Main Temple at Bakong

Ko, bull in Khmer language. Thus, Preah Ko literally means Temple of Bull in Khmer language. Thus, at the front of the main tower at the site has a bull statue.

Lintel Design at Preah Ko

Warrior Statue at Preah Ko