Camping at Lincoln City, Oregon

Before heading off back to Malaysia with the completion of my assignment in the States, my buddies from Malaysia whom are currently working in Seattle has decided to do a sort of farewell trip 😛

After some coming down with some options and considering the fact that we are all busy working for the past months, decision was made to have a sort of breakaway to experience nature, thus camping was decided. Since both parties are located pretty far from each other, we’ve decided to meet in Oregon, between Washington state and California. Devils Lake was shortlisted as the destination. 😀

I started off a day earlier from Folsom, driving up and taking a night stop at Grants Pass. The next morning, after having breakfast in the nearby stop from Grants Pass, I hit Salem in the noon. Stopping there for a short visit in the Capitol of the Beaver State (Oregon) for about an hour, I proceeded westward from Salem taking OR-22 towards Pacific Ocean.

While they are stuck in heavy traffic in Portland, I had my lunch at the Mr Pig’s Pancake Restaurant in Lincoln City, which surprisingly, their famous Mr Pig burger is beef. LOL. After the lunch, I checked in and went for a short walk in the town and towards the coastline for a look, while waiting for them.


Our yurt from the side


Pacific Coastline


Pacific Coastline


Pacific Coastline with resorts in sight


Beachfront Binoculars


Huge Waves of the Pacific

Once they are here, we spent more time walking along the coast and took some photos before getting back to our yurt to prepare for the dinner.


Starting the fire


Preparing the chicken wings for BBQ


Ready for BBQ


Chicken wings, Beans and Veggies in a can


Ready to be served

Surprised Birthday Cake for Me!!!

Surprised Birthday Cake for Me!!!

Next day, we had our breakfast and headed off for a hiking trail 15mins from the campsite.


Baked beans for the morning


Breakfast in progress


Scrambled eggs with Cheese


Wonderful breakfast 🙂


3 Rocks Hiking Trail


Bell flowers?


Mossy Forest

Back from the hiking, we went for fishing. Sadly, we got nothing but only a sculpin which were released back to the lake.


Drained from fishing 😦

Eventually, we gave up on the fishing 😛 and went back to the site to prepare our dinner. After dinner, we went for a short film at the park’s makeshift theater, which showed a documentary of bears.