Thanksgiving Turkey Meal

First my time in the America, and my first Thanksgiving.

Turkey done in the roasting foil

Bought the bird a day before and start defrosting over the night in fridge. On Thursday morning, chopped garlic, and garlic salt and some seasoned sauce were used to marinate the bird lightly. For 4 hrs, it’s marinated in the fridge, and right before it’s been roasted in the oven, a thin layer of roasted chicken spices and melted butter was spread on the bird.

For the first 2.5hrs, (10min / lb), it’s roasted with 275F, and aluminium foil was removed and thermometer inserted to the inner thigh to indicate a proper cooking temperature when done (170F). For the next 1.5hrs, I spread the melted butter for every 30min, and turn over the turkey to brown it evenly.

Turkey ready for carving

For meal, I took only the thigh and wing. The potion is huge, as expected 😛

Thigh & Wing