First Time with Stars

Came across the news of the Orionids Meteor Shower in the morning yesterday, 20th Oct, decided to try to shoot it. Researched for a good spot close to where I live, found in forums that Payen Road at Folsom seems to be a good spot.

Out from the town

Reached there about 12, and set up my camera towards the night sky where The Orion is, with a makeshift tripod from a jacket and a plush toy in my car. Stayed for 1 hr, couldn’t see one tail at all. However, able to take my first shot with the Orion.

orion constellation

The Orion

It’s shot with my D80, ISO400, F5.6 and 30″. That’s the optimum settings I can get, ISO beyond that has bad noise. Anyway, now I know where to go for stars, I can prepare more for such occasion and try out different settings.