My First Attempted T-Bone Steak

First attempt on T-Bone steak. Bought a ~9oz steak and marinated it with chopped onions, red wine, black pepper, sugar, and salt for almost 2 days. The plan was to marinate for a day, but due to a busy evening, I have to skip cooking it myself and ended up cooked it a day later.

T-Bone Steak with Salad

While cooking the steak, just made myself some salad with ranch dressing. The salad is pre-packed and added some croutons and raisins for extra flavor. The steak is cooked to medium rare, around 2 min of cooking and 7min of searing on both sides.

Cooked to medium rare

It has a strong taste of red wine, due to the excessive marination. Didn’t make any sauce to serve with it, just plain steak with red wine taste. Haven’t fully mastered the skill in cooking plus searing to make the beef moist and juicy and cooked to the targeted temperature.