Old Sac Photo Walk

A sudden decision to go downtown to Old Sacremento for a walk, considering I’ve been in Folsom for almost 2 months, and I haven’t really set foot in the downtown is kinda embarrassing. LOL

It took around 25 min to reach and finding car park is really tough work, and more over, it’s weekend, everyone seems to be gathering at the place for hangouts. Finally parked my car, and it’s time to walk around and hunt for food. It’s 2.30pm and I have taken my breakfast at 9am.

Rio City Cafe

Finally settled down at Rio City Cafe, and it’s just next to the rail tracks. And the tour train was just passing.

Tour Train

View of my outdoor patio seat at Rio City Cafe

Continue my walk, and passes through some nice buildings.

Temaha Block

The Eagle Theatre

School House of Old Sac

And I came across Wells Fargo Co. Museum. They have very neat collection of artifacts.

Ah Sing, some Chinese immigrants I believe.

Mined Gold on display

Buckles from the Concord Coach Replica; Each is smaller than 1cm.

U.S. Mail seal on the replica

Concord Coach Replica

After the museum, I walk towards I-Street Bridge next to the railroad.

I-Street Bridge


Wild flowers along the trail

The bridge has been almost an century