Seafood Penne Rigate with White Sauce

Had this Clam Spaghetti with White Sauce at the famous Visconti Italian Restaurant at Folsom for the dinner last night, thought of try my best to make a rather similar taste of their white sauce.

Seafood Penne Rigate

Instead of clam, I’ve bought shrimp instead due to the fact I like shrimp more. And I used my remaining penne rigate instead of buying spaghetti.

Served on plate

Looking for the “sweet spot” for the final photo. And chose the couch…again… LOL

Ready to eat!!!

The taste differs alot, and it’s alot think compare to the Visconti’s version, due to the more butter I used as well as the shrimp is pre-marinated, bought from Wholefood Market (their don’t have the one non-marinated), thus the taste is sourish because the shrimp is marinated with lemon dill flavor.