Seafood Penne Rigate

I’ve done rice, flat noodles..etc. But haven’t had any experience with Penne Rigate yet, and thus the decision during my pre-cooking shopping yesterday that I’ve decided to cook it. Too bad I couldn’t find any tomatoes to add the flavor on the ready-made pasta sauce.

Cooked them with turkey fillet, shrimps and some crab meat. Simply wanna clear my fridge for some other ingredient for next week, perhaps some pork / steak.

Dinner is served

Again, searching for dinner items / places in the house for the photo, took this with the couch and used the side lamp for the lighting and some fill-in from my flash. At least some different background I would say.

Dinner table as the background and a wine glass

Next, I moved it to the dinner table for the photo, and used a wine glass as the background. Took another from a different angle, in fact as trying to get some sunlight into the blinds, but it’s pretty late and couldn’t get much out of it.

Side view

Lastly, I tried this for a close-up on the food.

Close-up Shrimp and Penne