Cooking and Food Shot

Tried some food shots with the ingredients and the final outcome on previous Sunday.

Below is the second shot, the first shot was just some chopped garlic, and wasn’t good enough. Viewers might be wondering what those yellowish pieces are, and thus I did this second shot with a whole garlic as the background. Personally, I think it’s better because it tells the viewer that those are garlics

Chopped garlic with whole garlic as background

And then, I thought of making it “more real”, by peeling open the whole garlic. And this is the third shot, personally, I prefer this much more because it seems more real that I have just chopped a few of the petals from the garlic.

Chopped garlic with peeled garlic

Moving on, I took some photos of the shrimps, which look like the follow:

Just some shrimps

Technically, I think it’s good, but again, a little bit too bland. Thus, I combine the broccoli together and at least gave the output a more colorful photo.

Broccoli and Shrimps

Lastly, I simply take the last photo with both the celery and baby carrots together, looking forward a colorful piece again.

Celery and Baby Carrots

Once the cooking is done, it’s time to take the final photo of the dish.

The first one is with a set of spoon and fork, which I personally think that it is quite boring.

Dish with spoon and fork

And I’m looking for other items in the house, and found a rather interesting lamp as the background, and at the same time can provide additional lighting on the food. Took a few with different angles, and to give different dish on the focus.

Broccoli Shrimps is the focus

The DOF is too shallow I think, thus I chose the next one, where the focus is the Stir-fry Veggies with Turkey Fillet.

The Meal ^^

I would need to play differently with either lighting / concept on the food for the next series, at least as experimentation. 🙂