It’s My Birthday!!!

Last weekend was my 27th birthday, and parents hosted a small family celebration for me 🙂 They bought a nice mango sponge cake, and made me lunch and dinner. However, my car broke down on the way home from Penang to Ipoh (hometown), thus cannot make it on time to taste the lunch instead. 😦

At the road side

Photosynth: Surrounding area where the car broke down

An extra 4 hours spent, including towing the car to the workshop at the nearest town, waited the full “diagnosis” of the workers and followed another friend of mine back, I reached Ipoh finally.

Mom prepared fried noodle, herbal eggs and chinese turmeric rice with chicken curry. WOW~~~

WOW…a table full of food!!!

Herbal Eggs

Turmeric Rice

Chicken Curry XD

Dad looks happy with the noodle 🙂

Mom can’t wait for her own food!!!

We save the cake for later due to the huge amount of food :D.

Family 🙂

Mom’s double tap!!!

Yeah!!! Happy Family 🙂

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