Bersih 3.0 – The Day We All Speak of The Future of Our Nation

未来 – Future

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections, known famously as Bersih, has organized a demonstration in 28th of April 2012. The theme of this rally, the third is what we called Sit-In. The major event was held in Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital of Malaysia. At the same time, similar demonstrations are held in other major cities in the country, Penang, Ipoh, and Kuantan, to name a few. People from all walks of life joined in and show support to the event which is fighting the cause for every single Malaysians, regardless the ethnic backgrounds, social status or even educational level.

Clean & Fair Elections

I’m proud to be able to join the event in Penang, held at the Speakers Square at Penang’s Esplanade, and captured some shots to show others the magnitude of supporters on the Bersih Coalition. It was a rainy day, nevertheless, it didn’t stop the people of joining the event.

Support Bersih!!!

After the main speech of the leaders, people gathered around the banners / boards to leave a signature, to sign the petition of the Bersih cause.

Signing the Petition

Yellow, is the color chosen as the symbol of protest and Bersih. All the supporters are urged to wear yellow on that same day. And there’s almost 80% of people were wearing yellow or different shades of yellow.

Yellow is The Color

People from all walks of life support Bersih

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More information of the Bersih: