Ren Ri – 人日

Homemade YuSheng

Renri – 人日, known as the “the common man’s birthday” in Chinese culture. This falls on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year. Families, friends and sometimes even colleagues will get together and have a meal that comes with Low Sang – 捞生.

Low Sang, YuSheng – 捞生/鱼生, literally means “Prosperity Toss” that signifies good fortune ahead in the year, and a typical YuSheng comes with shredded colorful vegetables, sweet and sour sauce and raw fish. Traditionally, it’s snakehead, but nowadays restaurants substitute it with salmons and sometimes cooked chicken as well.

Beside the YuSheng, porridge / congee will be one of the main dish as well. Below are some of the photos captured during the meal 🙂

Ingredients prepared, table set, ready to GO!!!

Putting it all together...

Almost done with the prep work 🙂

Closer look on the Chicken Congee

Tossing in ACTION!!!

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For more photos: Chinese New Year 2012 - a photoset by raymondtan85 on Flickriver