Dong Dong Qiang!!!

“Dong Dong Qiang” famously known as Lion Dance by an kid in the place where I grew up. A traditional dance performed by people to mimic the movements of a lion. During Chinese New Year, the lion dancers troupes will perform the traditional custom “Cai Ching” – 採青, literally translated to “plucking the greens”. This custom signifies an auspicious start of the year.

It’s a tradition of my family to invite the dancer troupe to my house to perform the Cai Ching custom on the second day of Chinese New Year, which is known as “Kai Nian” – 开年, beginning of the year. An famously known as the day which we all pray for the God of Wealth for good fortune in the coming year ahead.

Some shots taken during the event at my house 🙂 By the way, it was my dad’s younger brother who dance the “head” of the lion.