Linux Project – Day 1

It has been some time that I’ve touched anything on Linux 😛 environment. It came to my mind today which I wanna do a refresher crash course for myself by playing around with several Linux projects. The first thing came to me was the LFS, which I’ve stopped previously in the first few step during the compilation of GCC. Gonna build it again and this time complete it with BLFS at least. 🙂 Last time I’ve tried building it from LFS LiveCD, then resorted to using Ubuntu 7.01. This time, I’m gonna use Fedora 13, which itself is a vritualized environment on top of the Windows XP SP3 as a host, running VirtualBox 3.26.

I jumped straight to where Fedora 13 has been successfully installed from the LiveCD.

First boot after installation from LiveCD.

Logging in with my credentials 😀

Default desktop settings, running at 800×600. To get other higher resolutions, you need to install the LinuxAdditions Package from VirtualBox

Mount the LinuxAdditions from Devices Menu on the VirtualBox

Run the Terminal

Navigate to the media, and install using the command sudo sh ./

This is running in 1024 x 768.

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