Last Saturday, I’m honored to be part of Weng Keat & Yvonne’s wedding. Thanks to both of them for giving me such a great opportunity to capture their memorable memories during their wedding ceremony in Penang.

Weng Keat (right) and his best-man is getting ready for the Wedding Procession to his bride’s home.

As the parade moves through the residential area of where the bride is staying.

The groom getting down the car with the bouquet on his hand.

The bride sitting in front of the mirror waiting for the groom in her room.

The groom is making his vows to his wife, this is part of the Door Game which Chinese practices. After the vow, the groom finally bought his way in by presenting “Li Shi”.

The couple is performing the Wedding Tea Ceremony, they are to serve tea in the order from the oldest family members.

After the tea ceremony in the bride’s house, the newlywed is proceeding to the groom’s house for another ceremony.

The couple is paying respect to the ancestors during the ceremony in the groom’s house.

“To the lamp of LOVE – may it burn brightest in the darkest hours and never flicker in the winds of trial.” – anonymous


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